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Since 1987, THERMA-TECH Corporation has been the leading designer and manufacturer of infrared heaters for processing systems. Our complete manufacturing facility is geared to quickly respond to your needs whether they involve a standard product or a custom solution. Our research & development program is continually expanding our product line with energy saving infrared heaters to meet your ever-changing applications demand. Our continuing goals is to provide the highest quality and reliability in products that measure up to your toughest applications and delivery requirements.

When it comes to solving your drying, curing or heating problems, Therma-Tech engineers with extensive experience, can offer to you the best infrared heater selection and heater application support. We have gained global recognition for excellence in design and manufacturing of high quality infrared heaters. A unique heater design with special heating element, covering up to 90% of heated area while evenly emitting heat (true whole heater surface), was developed at Therma-Tech Corporation. This design is extremely efficient and effective. 85% of energy you pay for can be put into your product. All of our infrared heaters are self contained and may be used as boosters to existing ovens. Heaters are field repairable.

With today’s new regulations, more and more firms are converting to water based inks and coatings, we can help you to convert, with our unique infrared heating. All our infrared heaters are environmentally safe. We are proud of the service we provide to our customers. The success of our company begins and ends with our customers. We welcome you to tour our website where we feature our energy saving infrared heaters suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial markets.

Please contact us through email, fax or telephone call. The most productive and time saving is conversing with us in person.

TEL: 973-345-0076
FAX: 973-345-3228
EMAIL: irheaters@Therma-Tech.com


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