CH-40® & VH-40™ - High Intensity Heaters

High intensity infrared heater for high speed heating, where space allows only a small number of heaters for fast heating.

  • Operates up to 1400°F face temperature (not element temperature)
  • Wave length 2.6 - 6.0 microns
  • Warm up time 2-4 minutes
  • Each heater has two rows of stamped element, radiating through Corning Vycor® face plate
  • Extruded aluminum case, cast aluminum end caps and mounting clamps
  • Operates well in horizontal or vertical position
  • Size: 2.75 wide 2.00 deep up to 120" heated length
  • Overall length is 8.5 inches longer than heated length
  • Extremely efficient and effective. 85% of energy cost is directed at your product
  • Reduces drying time drastically, compared with hot air and other infrared heating devices
  • Withstands shock of water splash at peak temperatures
  • Excellent heat transfer even when mounted in the open, sometimes eliminates need for oven enclosures
  • All heaters are repairable

Built in Thermocouples are available to indicate temperature of radiating heater face and acts as a control point for maintaining constant face temperature. Thermocouple kits for field installation are available.

  • 3 Phase Wye: power is reduced from 40 to 13.3 watts per inch
  • 3 Phase Delta: full power at 40 watts per inch
  • Similar design to CH-40® is the VH-40™
  • Overall length is 1.50" longer than heated length
  • To prolong heater life it is recommended to use temperature controls
  • Each heater is supplied with simple mounting and wiring instructions
  • Heaters can be reused for different applications

Teflon Isopar Removal and Sintering - Web Heating or Drying in Plastics, Paper and Coated Products - Paint Baking - Drying of Chemicals and Slurries - Electronic Application


Drying, Fusing and Pre-heating - Wave Re-flow - Surface Mounted Soldering - Embossing on Plastic or Paper - Laminating - Drying and Curing of Water Based Adhesives - Formica Bending - Silk Screen-Printing.


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