The hottest and most efficient electric infrared panel heater, available for the process industry. Very high intensity heater for high speed heating or for heating large mass at higher rates.



  • Operates up to 2500°F element temperature
  • Has stamped serpentine element pinned to a ceramic board
  • Heat up time 10 seconds
  • Wave length 1.8 - 5.0 microns
  • Heater can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position
  • Heater construction : aluminized steel or stainless steel
  • Volts: Up to 600 volts 1 or 3 phase
  • Size: From 10" long 4" wide 4" high, up to 96" long 16" wide 4" high
  • Highly efficient and effective. 95% of output is directed at the product
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Multiple zone heaters can be designed to customer's exact requirements
  • Installation is relatively simple and space saving
  • Each heater is supplied with junction box for simple wiring installation

Built-in Thermocouples are available to indicate temperature of element and act as the control point for maintaining constant element temperature. The Thermaking™ can be designed for air impingement through the face of the heater.

  • Each heater is self-contained and has built in blowers
  • Heaters and blowers could be controlled
  • Volts: Up to 600 volts 1 or 3 phase
  • Size: 96" long 12" wide 8" high

Drying and curing of water based adhesives - inks and paint baking - preheating plastics for embossing - fusing and sealing - laminating - preheating on paper and film.


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