TYPE B - Infrared Panel Heaters

Medium intensity Infrared heater with flat element radiating through black ceramic faceplate. Excellent where line speed is medium to high and only heat penetration of surface is needed, where process may only require a few seconds.

[Type B]
  • Operates up to 1100F face temperature (not element temperature)
  • Wave length 3.5 - 7.00 microns
  • Heat up time 4 minutes
  • Operates well in horizontal or vertical position
  • Heater construction : aluminized steel or stainless steel
  • Volts: Up to 600 volts
  • Watts: Up to 20 per sq. in.
  • Size: From 6" long 4" wide 3" high to 24" long 24" wide 3" high and up to 96" long 12" wide 3" high
  • Built-in Thermocouples are available

Each heater is self-contained and could be used in the open without oven enclosures. Excellent heaters for processes where you can zone heat an area, as the product requires. Heaters can be reused for different applications and all heaters are repairable.


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