TYPE V - Infrared Panel Heaters

High intensity infrared heater for high speed heating, where space allows only small number of heaters for fast heating.


[Type V]

  • Operates up to 1500F face temperature (not element temperature)
  • Wave length 2.6 - 6.0 microns
  • Warm up time 4 minutes
  • Unique flat heating element radiates through Corning Vycor faceplate
  • Heater can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position
  • Heater construction : aluminized steel or stainless steel
  • Volts: Up to 600 volts 1 or 3 phase
  • Watts: Up to 40 per sq. in.
  • From 6" long 4" wide 3" high and up to 96" long 12" wide 3" high
  • Extremely efficient and effective, 85% is put into your product
  • 25% energy savings
  • Heater is designed for uniform conversion of energy to infrared
  • No hot or cold spots. + - 2F temperature variation of face surface
  • Compact design, durable, long life - in excess of 10,000 hours
  • Easy to maintain, can be wiped clean, withstands shock of water splash
  • No scaling or warping
  • Heaters can be reused for different applications
  • All heaters are repairable

Built in Thermocouples are available to indicate face temperature of heater and act as the control point for maintaining constant temperature.


Web drying and curing coatings of water based inks and adhesives - paint baking - vacuum thermoforming - heating plastics for bending - preheating plastics for embossing - baking and heating foods.


Silk Screen Printing - Silicon Wafers - Printed Circuit Boards - Wave Re-flow - Surface Mounted Soldering.


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